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The SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2019 will cap team entries at 120 x 2 person relay teams and 60 x 4 person relay teams available, so get in quick.   Check back to this "Teams" information page for updates in the run-up to the 2019 Event.

Please read our Race Information page for additional information

4 Person Relay Team Transition Points

The under-jetty platforms located 1 km along the jetty will be used for the first and third transitions of 4 person relay teams.

The second transition for 4 person relay teams is at the Underwater Observatory Ramp.

The 4 person relay swim distances are: first swimmer 1.0 km, second swimmer 1.0 km, third swimmer 0.6 km, fourth swimmer 1.0 km.

2 Person Relay Team Transition Point

Allies landing is the transition point for the 2 person relay swim.

The 2 person relay swim distances are: first swimmer 1.4 km, second swimmer 2.2 km

Team change-over Transition Plans for 2018 are available from our Downloads page   CLICK