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Swimmer Code of Conduct

Swimmer Code of Conduct

Participants in the Busselton Jetty Swim are expected to adhere to the following Swimmer Code of Conduct at all times, not just on event day:

  1. Read and understand the Event Terms & Conditions prior to registering.
  2. Follow the Race Rules at all times. Understand that many are in place for the safety of all participants, event volunteers, officials, staff and contractors.
  3. Understand that some decisions are made for the greater good rather than any individual circumstance.
  4. Be respectful of event volunteers, officials, staff and contractors. All are giving their time to ensure the enjoyment of swimmers and the success of the event.
  5. Verbal, cyber or physical abuse is not acceptable at any time or through any medium.
  6. Respect the rights and dignity of all involved regardless of their gender, ability, age, ethnicity, cultural background or religion.
  7. Use the appropriate Race Rules and event Terms and Conditions as guidelines to resolve any dispute.
  8. Follow directions and instructions from officials and volunteers on event day.
  9. Be a good sport – recognise the efforts of all involved.
  10. Respect our environment, including the jetty, the beach and of course the ocean you swim in. Do no harm.
  11. Participate for your own fun, enjoyment and the many benefits associated with it.

The Busselton Jetty Swim is delivered by a committee of dedicated volunteers with support from contractors. In order to support all volunteers and staff who work on this event:

  1. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any person deemed to be in breach of this Swimmer Code of Conduct; and
  2. The Committee will impose a sanction consisting of a two-year event ban for any person deemed to be deliberately in breach of this Swimmer Code of Conduct, the Race Rules or any of the Event Terms & Conditions.
  3. The Committee may also impose a lesser sanction for an unintentional breach at its discretion.