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Ballot Update 28 October 2021

One Mile Swim to Shore

We still have spots available in the One Mile Swim to Shore for 2022!!

These spots will be offered first to those who registered for any swim in our Ballot but are currently waitlisted (opens Mon 25th Oct).

Any remaining spots will be available to the general public from Wednesday 3rd November, 2021.

Enter Waitlist for all swim categories

In addition, we will now be accepting waitlist registrations for all swim categories from 6am Wednesday 3rd  November 2021 on a first come, first served basis.

Entry Waitlist

The Waitlist for the 2022 event will be automatically generated from unsuccessful entries in the Ballot.

No registrations will be accepted following closure of the Ballot Period (excluding Kids Swim).

The Waitlist will be live (button below) from Monday 18th October 2021.

As new places become available in the event (following swimmer withdrawals), swimmers on the Waitlist will be promoted into the event in order of the Waitlist.

Promotions from the Waitlist into the event will continue until 6pm Monday 7th February 2022.

Successful Waitlist promotions will be charged automatically against their provided payment details at the time of the promotion. Failed payments for Waitlist promotions will be notified via email and automatically retried the following day. Following a second failed payment, Waitlist registrations will be notified by email and have until 5:00pm the following day to make a manual payment. If payment is not received by this time the swimmer will be withdrawn from the event.

Waitlisted swimmers may withdraw their registration at any time prior to being promoted into the event.


  • Promotions from the waitlist to the event may still occur after the refund cut-off date.
  • If you are promoted into the event after the refund cut-off date you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • It is up to swimmers to monitor their position on the waitlist and withdraw if they no longer wish to participate in the event.
  • Once you are promoted into the event, normal refund conditions will apply.

To register for the waitlist

Click through to our Enter Event page and from there you can enter the waitlists.

To view the current waitlists

To view your position on the current waitlists click the button below.

To access your waitlist registration

Click the button below - submit the email address you used when entering and we'll send you a link.


No private transfer arrangements will be allowed for the event in 2022.  Swimmers who no longer wish or are unable to swim are to officially withdraw and receive their refund as per conditions of withdrawal.  Their registration will be allocated to the next person on the Waitlist.

Team Transfers

Team entries must be complete (all swimmers nominated) at the time of registration in the Ballot. Limited swimmer changes will be permitted after successful event entry, ie. no more than two changes for teams of four and no more than one change for teams of two.

Team swimmer details may be changed online any time before 6pm on Monday 7th February 2022.

Following this, a replacement swimmer may be approved at the Check-in desk on event weekend. 

Replacement team swimmers must register online or complete an entry form and sign the swimmer waiver at Check-in.

Refunds for Confirmed Entrants

If you choose to cancel your swim entry, you can apply for a refund (conditions apply).

Full refunds, less a $15 administration fee, are only available if applied for in writing or by email to rego@busseltonjettyswim.org.au and must be applied for prior to 11:59pm (AWST) on Sunday 16th January, 2022.

Full refund, less $5 administration fee, applies for Kid's Swim withdrawals until 16th January, 2022.

No refunds for swimmer-initiated cancellations will be made after 16th January, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Further Questions?

For further information on the entry process, swimmer withdrawal and entry transfers, visit our FAQ page.