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Swimmer Briefing

Swimmer Briefing

Prior to the swim start we will hold a Swimmer Briefing. Whether you are swimming as a Solo, in a team, in the One Mile Swim to Shore or the Kids Swim it is essential that you listen to the briefing.

We also require Support Craft crews to attend a briefing specific to their role.
Please note the time and location for our Swimmer Briefings:

Swimmers Briefing: 7:15am near the start area.

Kids Swim Briefing: 10:55am at the Kids Swim start, east of the swimming jetty.

Authorised support craft: 7:00am, conducted by Surf Life Saving, location TBA

Download Swimmer Briefing

tatoo timing band

Swimmer Identification

Timing band on LEFT ankle.

Race number tattoo vertically on:

  1. FRONT left thigh (preferred option), AND
  2. FRONT left arm

Tattoo may be applied to a wetsuit

Relay Teams

EVERY swimmer wears a timing band and a race number tattoo

  1. Solo swimmers - Silver swim cap
  2. Solo swimmers - Dark Green swim cap
  3. Solo swimmers - Orange swim cap
  4. Solo swimmers - Green swim cap
  5. Solo swimmers - Aqua swim cap
  6. Solo swimmers - Purple swim cap
  7. Solo swimmers - Red swim cap
  8. Solo swimmers - Pink swim cap
  9. 2 person relay - Blue caps
  10. 4 person relay - White caps
  11. One Mile Swim to Shore - Yellow caps
  12. Kids Swim - Assorted