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Considerable effort goes into maximising the safety of participants in this event.


On-water safety

On-water safety is co-ordinated by the Busselton Surf Life Saving Club with assistance from other surf life-saving clubs.

Surf Life Saving (SLS) have jet skis, IRB's, surf skis, board paddlers, spotters on the jetty, life-saving equipment and radio communications. They are highly trained for this role and are your first option if you need help in the water. Raise your arm to attract attention.

Follow the yellow buoys and keep a safe distance away from the Jetty. If you stray too far off course SLS will guide you back.

Tired swimmers may hang on to a ski or a float. You will not be disqualified unless your forward progress is aided.

Swimmers or support craft are not permitted to go under any part of the Jetty unless directed by race officials.

All vessels in the vicinity of the event must comply with and abide by the Navigable Waters Regulations. Race officials will enforce and police these regulations as part of the overall safety provisions for the Event. Unauthorised craft may not enter the swim exclusion zone (within 250m of the Jetty).

This event has been granted a part exemption from these regulations for bona fide support craft only.


Helicopter patrol

The surrounds of the swim will be patrolled for sharks prior to and during the Event. A pilot and spotter will be in continuous radio contact with the SLS Water Safety Coordinator.


The on the water emergency evacuation signals are: 3 short air horn blasts; raised red flags by spotters on the jetty; and continuous whistles by surf ski paddlers. If you see or hear any of these signals, please exit the swim as directed by SLS personnel. There are ladders every 75m along the Jetty marked with banner flags. Landings are marked by large pink buoys. Please follow directions given by the SLS officers on the water or via the public address system on land. The emergency muster point is near the stage.

Personal support craft

Personal support paddlers, vessels or personnel are not permitted. If you feel you have a special need requiring your own support or provisions, prior written permission from the Organisation must be obtained. This request must be made as part of your online entry under ‘special needs’.

Support must be pre-approved and are required to attend the SLS briefing and wear the hi-viz vest provided.

An exclusion zone will be in effect under control of the Department of Transport. Paddlers breaching the exclusion zone may be subject to cautions or fines.



Concerned swimmers should be prepared and take personal measures for protection.

First Aid

If you need help please attend the St John Ambulance first aid post adjacent to the Check-in area and at the base of the jetty. This is staffed with a paramedic and ambulance.

Fluid & energy replacement

Water and fresh fruit are available at the finish.


Please use sunscreen, which is available at the first aid tent. Wear hats, cover up and seek shade.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs

The Busselton Jetty Swim 2022 is a non-smoking, alcohol and drug-free event.

The Jetty Structure

Footwear is recommended when walking on the jetty. Watch out for the railway tracks.

The Jetty Train will commence operating at 11am


Personal responsibility

This is an ocean swim. You swim in an uncontrolled, natural environment. The weather, sea conditions and sea life, your own exertions and numerous other factors all introduce an element of risk. The organizers go to considerable lengths to keep you safe but ultimately it is your choice to swim. Your welfare is your personal responsibility or the responsibility of your legal guardian.

If you are not officially entered in the SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2022 please do not swim while the event is in progress.

FOR Further Information

Please ask one of the event crew in the Green Crew T shirts.