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Timing Bands & Tattoos

tatoo timing bandTiming Bands

Swimmers will be timed and checked-in and out of the swim electronically with their timing band.

All swimmers must wear their timing device on their left ankle at all times during the race.
In order to accurately record your time, AND as a matter of safety, it is vital that each swimmer crosses a timing mat at the end of their swim.

Solo swimmers and the last swimmer in each team will cross timing mats at the designated beach finish line.

Timing bands are collected as you leave the finish area.

Team swimmers exiting on the Busselton Jetty must walk over the timing mat at the designated exit point to “check out” of the swim and hand in their timing device.


Swim caps indicating starting wave and team category will be supplied and must be worn at all times during the swim.

Swimmers will be required to display their race number tattoo on their front left thigh and left arm at all times during the race. Please apply your race number tattoo vertically on:

  1. FRONT left thigh (preferred option), AND
  2. FRONT left arm

Tattoo may be applied to a wetsuit.

Relay teams: EVERY swimmer wears a timing band and a race number tattoo.

Relay Teams:  EVERY swimmer wears a timing band and a race number tattoo.


If you withdraw during the race or decide not to swim, you must notify Check-in as soon as possible and return your timing band.