The SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2022 will cap team entries at 100 x 2 person relay teams and 50 x 4 person relay teams

Teams entry is via ballot only during the Ballot Period which opens at 6:00am Friday 1st October 2021 and closes at 11.59pm (AWST) on Sunday 10th October 2021.

Individuals may register for the Ballot for one distance ONLY – you may not register for a solo swim AND a team swim.

Following closure of the Ballot, anyone found to have duplicate entries (including team members) will be removed from the Ballot and banned from the event for a period of two years. If the duplicate Ballot registration is a member of a team, that team will not be eligible for the Ballot and the person/people with duplicates will be banned for a period of two years.

No registrations will be accepted following closure of the Ballot Period (excluding Kids Swim).

Team entries must be complete (all swimmers nominated) at the time of registration. Limited swimmer changes will be permitted after successful event entry, ie. no more than two changes for teams of four and no more than one change for teams of two.

All Ballot entries (successful and unsuccessful) will be notified by email on Friday 15th October 2021.

Unsuccessful Ballot entries will form the Waitlist and be promoted as other teams withdraw from the Event.

Please read our Event Details page for additional information

4 Person Relay Team Transition Points

The under-jetty platforms located 1 km along the jetty will be used for the first and third transitions of 4 person relay teams.

The second transition for 4 person relay teams is at the Underwater Observatory Ramp.

The 4 person relay swim distances are: first swimmer 1.0 km, second swimmer 1.0 km, third swimmer 0.6 km, fourth swimmer 1.0 km.

2 Person Relay Team Transition Point

Allies landing is the transition point for the 2 person relay swim.

The 2 person relay swim distances are: first swimmer 1.4 km, second swimmer 2.2 km

Team change-over Transition Plans for 2022 are available as a guide from our Downloads page   CLICK


Teams may be created by a team captain.

For information on what details are required for each swimmer please see our FAQ page.

At the relay change-over points, relay members must physically tag their team-mate.

Race officials will be present to monitor the relay changeovers.

Swimmers finishing or starting on the Jetty must be able to get to their start point, climb a ladder to exit the water and jump or climb down a ladder to enter the water.

For information on what details are required for each swimmer please see our FAQ page