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Changes to the Swim - effective 13th December, 2021

ALL swimmers of Busselton Jetty Swim 2022 over the age of 16 years of age (as at 13 February, 2022) and volunteers and stakeholders will be required to provide proof of double vaccination at check-in on the event weekend as part of the WA’s Safe Transition Plan.

We are NOT requiring proof of vaccination prior to the weekend however the expectation will be for swimmers to provide proof of double vaccination at check-in using the WA Government app; hard copy or digital copy of the COVID-19 certificate.

We highly encourage spectators and visitors to the event to also be double vaccinated. For more information, click the button below.


2021 Event

Changes to the Swim - effective 15th December, 2020

To ensure the delivery of a safe and successful event in 2021, we have had to introduce changes to the event weekend to accommodate the COVID-19 Event Guidelines and our COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP). How does this affect our swimmers and spectators? Please see below;

Under the Physical Distancing guidelines for events, it is required that a space of 2m² per person is provided. Functional areas such as Pack Collection, Pre-Start Line corralling, post finish athlete recovery and spectator services need to consider space requirements as part of the CSP. If restrictions on mass gatherings be reinstated, we will act accordingly. Whilst cognisant of these restrictions, it is our understanding that this number relates to the number of people in a space at any one time and should not necessarily determine a cap on event entry numbers.

Check In

  • Registration/pack collection will be open on Saturday 13th February from 10:00am to 6:00pm. The registration area is only accessible to participants, event staff and volunteers.
  • Spectators will be asked to register on site via the Safe WA app. QR codes will be located on signage at entry points to Busselton Foreshore as well as at all hand sanitizing units around the venue. Registration can be completed via smart phones or hand written forms.
  • All staff, volunteers, contractors, participants and spectators will be encouraged to download the COVID Safe app and to have it open on event day.


Start Procedure - Main Swim (Solos & Teams of 2 or 4)

  • Each wave will enter the start compound from the ramp, volunteers will direct swimmers evenly into the eight chutes that lead to the start line. The start line is divided into two x four chute sections which is separated by a small centre compound where the timing equipment sits. The timing chip readers are buried below the official start line. Once the swimmer crosses that point their start time is recorded.
  • Wave groups consist of approximately 300 swimmers. Eight swimmers will start every five seconds (96 swimmers per minute). This will take approximately 3:10 minutes to clear each wave.
  • Swimmers participating in Teams will walk out to the end of the jetty from approximately 8.30am. For this reason, the jetty entry will be temporarily closed to spectators from 8.30 – 8.50am to minimise congestion. The jetty will re-open to spectators from 8.50am.

Start Procedure - One Mile Swim to Shore

  • The majority of swimmers will walk out to the end of the jetty from approximately 10am. For this reason, the jetty entry will be temporarily closed to spectators from 10.00 – 10.20am to minimise congestion. The jetty will re-open to spectators from 10.20am at which point the majority of spectators from the Main Swim will have departed.
  • The One Mile Swim to Shore is a rolling start with each participant jumping into the ocean from the jetty landing once the swimmer before them is clear. Participants will be asked to socially distance a metre and a half apart unless standing with members of the same household.

Start Procedure - Kids Swim

200 children will participate in the 222m Kids Swim around the swimming jetty. A simple corralling system will be established for this Start Line in order to keep children 1.5m apart.

Athlete Recovery

  • The athlete recovery area has been re-designed as a one-way walk-through zone immediately after the finish line. Participants are required to collect (self-serve) finishers medal/merchandise and post event nutrition and continue to exit the athlete recovery area. The role of the volunteers at athlete recovery is to ensure the tables are suitably stocked and continuously cleaned.
  • A new and fresh style finisher towel will be self-serve at the finish line
  • Finish line staff and volunteer numbers will be reduced to prevent crowding in this space.
  • Cleaning frequency of high touch point positions such as tables will be rotated throughout the event.

Competitor Etiquette

  • Competitors will be actively discouraged from participating on event day if they exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 or have reason to suspect they have been exposed.
  • COVID Safety Officers will actively promote the following participant etiquette during the event:
    • Stay 1.5m from other participants.
    • No sharing of personal gear or equipment, particularly water bottles.
    • No hugging, kissing or handshaking.
  • Participants are asked not to spit or blow their nose in proximity of others.


Presentations will be held from the amphitheatre stage with the audience to be seated on the lawn area in front of the stage. The lawn area provides a space of approximately 2,400m².

  • Contactless handing over of awards and trophies.
  • Awards/trophies placed on table for winners to collect. No contact between award presenters and recipients. i.e. handshake, hug, kiss etc.

Food & Beverage Outlets

There will be a limited number of additional pop-up food and beverage outlets engaged on event day. These will support existing cafes and restaurants in the precinct.


  • Banks of portable toilets will be placed with 1.5m distance between each.
  • A cleaner will be on-site for the course of the event constantly monitoring and cleaning toilets and all touch points.
  • No showers or change facilities will be provided at the event site (except for medical use).
  • Hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations will be provided at various points around the event site, including registration, food & beverage outlets, event village, presentations, parking, and athlete recovery.

Spectator Services

  • A live social media broadcast of the finish line via Facebook will be provided to offer an alternative to attending the event.
  • Any event village components (exhibitors, sponsors, food and beverage outlets etc) will be appropriately spaced around the event site, making full use of the space rather than gathering them in one point.
  • Due to limited space on the jetty, spectators will be prohibited from accessing the jetty from 8.30–8.50am and again from 10.00–10.20am. Both of these are key times for participants to be entering the jetty, so limiting spectator access will ease congestion. Spectators already on the jetty at these times will not be asked to leave.

Post Race

  • Participants will be asked to leave the finish line area once they have completed their race. This will be communicated to all participants in advance of the event.

Year to Date - effective 4th July 2020

With a challenging year to date, and the uncertainty of the future, we are very hopeful that Busselton Jetty Swim will still take place as scheduled over the weekend of the 13th and 14th February, 2021. The organising committee have been meeting since COVID-19 hit our shores. We have been following Federal and State guidelines, restrictions and health directives closely, meeting with key stakeholders and preparing various event options.

We recognise the importance of the event and the impact it has on so many involved with the mental and physical health of our swimmers and the need to have a goal to train towards; the financial recovery of our region, local businesses and services; and the collaboration of artists, community groups, volunteers and wider public.

For that reason, the organising committee are continuining with the event, pending COVID-19 restrictions, with a focus on Recover – Unite – Celebrate.

There will be changes to ensure the continued health and safety of our swimmers, volunteers, spectators and general public but we guarantee that the weekend will still be the fun experience that we all love and cherish.

We respectfully request that all attending follow closely Federal and State COVID-19 guidelines and health directives to ensure our event is safe and hygienic for all involved. We encourage everybody attending to;

  • maintain physical distancing wherever possible
  • practice good personal hygiene
  • stay at home if unwell and get tested
  • download the COVIDSafe app
  • register your accompanying spectators for contract tracing purposes.

We will be following the State Government of Western Australia COVID Event Guidelines to develop a COVID Event Plan and will be maintaining sensible public health measures including good hygiene, rigorous cleaning regimes and physical distancing. These practices will help to reduce the potential risk of COVID-19 transmission within our region and state.

We will continue to report COVID-19 updates to our swimmers as we navigate our way through the road map to recovery and how it will affect the event.

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