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Solo Training Program

SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim Training Program

We have been supplied with a swim training program, thanks once again to Mick Bray of Tuff'n'Up Tri Squad for it's development.

Tuff'n'Up Tri SquadThis solo program is suitable for an experienced individual swimmer and these 5 sessions could be incorporated into your swim training program. Swim training should be commenced at least 10 weeks prior to the event. (see disclaimer below)

If you would like join the Tuff'n'Up swim training squad where you will receive coaching and a swim training program from a fully qualified swim instructor, please click on the logo to the right to visit their website, which has full contact details.

3 x 100m FR 3 x 100m FR 1 x 500m FR 10 x Kick/FR/BR 2 x 25m run
2 x 50m kick 2 x 50m BK         4 x 100m FR/BK/BR/FR
2 x 100m drill 2 x 100m unco drill         6 x 100m FR
1 x 100M BR 1 x 100m BR            
6 x 50M walk sprints 4 x 50m on 1 min 10 x 50m partner towes 2 x 100m catchup 1 x 200m FR @ 50%
2 x 150m sprint/easy 2 x 100m on 2 min 1 x 100m easy 2 x 100m of 5 r/arm, 5 l/arm, 5 full stroke 2 x 100m FR @ 70%
1 x 300m max effort 1 x 200m on 4 min 8 x 25 partner kicks, change partners 2 x 100m double arm BK 3 x 50m FR @ 90%
1 x 50m walk 2 x 100m on 2 min 1 x 200m easy 2 x 100m double kick BR 2 x 100m FR @ 70%
    4 x 50m on 1 min     2 x 100m 10 kicks on side 3 strokes repeat 1 x 200m FR @ 50%
            2 x 100m fast kick free    
2 x 100m drill 1 x 150m FR 4 x 150m FR/BK/BR 4 x 100m pull FR 1 x 300m easy
1 x breathe 2-7, 7-2 1 x 150m BK            
    1 x 150, BR            
TOTAL 2050m 2150m 2100m 2350m 2100m
LegendFor further detailed instruction, contact your swimming coach.
FR Freestyle
BK Backstroke
BR Breaststroke
Kick Use kickboard
@% Effort
Drill Any drill you know (specific movements done repetitively to improve technique)
Catchup Freestyle, pull one arm at a time, touch your hands together out front between each alternating arm stroke.
distance on time eg 50m on 1 min; Swim 50m every 1 minute
Partner Towes Both swim with pull buoy. One swims freestyle (arms only) towing partner while partner holds swimmers ankles. Swap.
Partner Kicks Both swim with pull buoy, front swimmer with kickboard, ankles held by partner at rear. Rear swimmer kicks, pushing front swimmer forwards. Swap.
Pull Concentrate on 'pulling' strongly through water
Unco One-handed stroke, breathing on same side as the arm stroke
Breath 2-7, 7-2 One breath every 2nd stroke for 1 lap, then one breath every 3rd stroke for 1 lap, building to every 7th stroke, then reverse.

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